Photography is by far one of my most respected abitlties, not just in myself but in anyone holding a camera who is gifted with "the eye".
  Armed with a Canon EOS 550D I plan to upgrade at some point to help me along on my journey.  However Im a believer that its not the camera that takes good photos, but it's the person who is holding it.
It's within that unique, single second. That very special moment that will never happen ever again. That event that once done will become nothing but a fading memory. At least with a camera that second will last much more than just a lifetime. The rhino above for example; on this day there were only just a few people present. I bet you they only remember a rhino walking about. With my camera however I am able to share with you this amazing beasts armoured skin, the texture, the way the shadows from light dance, creating shadowy canyons, flowing like rivers over its skin, even in a way the animals thoughts.
 A million stories could be told with just one photograph. Who knows what a million photographs could tell you. I hope you enjoy my photos that I post throughout my adventures, no matter how big or small, good or bad. I wish to share with you my photographs, my stories...