It's a maze

Some things in this World just amazes me. Such as: why do two buses always show up at once when you've been waiting hours for one, why do the wrong people always end up in power, and why do we put them there?  Why dinnae hings work right? What happened tae that hing I just dropped? Why am I no drunk? Why am I drunk? Why did I drink tae much last night? I canny believe how much of an ugly bastard that I am!
Aye you guessed it. This section is for wingeing and greeting about that shit when days get shit. Because we all have shit days.
Such is life, sometimes it can be confusing and sometimes we just loose our way and don't know where to turn. Just like it were a maze...

Still you gotta' smile! :D

  • Enjoy nice weather at work: 
 ALL week has been abolutley beautiful weather! Which at this time of year is like a huge question mark in the sky. So heres me getting myself all pumped up for the weekend, planning trips to the beach and all sorts, only to awake at 6am, rushing to my window, eyes still sore to the light which didn't matter because what I was looking at was grey. Sky, ground, trees. EVERYTHING! grey. Greyer that John Major's head. Typical Scotland. Never know it might brighten up later...Aye, in time tae go back tae work. Ach well.
-Well, I truly was "A Maze'd" as it turned out I just woke up too early. When the Sun had fully opened up, it pushed away all the clouds and it turned into a really nice day in the end.

 • Sair heed!

The days daily winge is abit mah headache. Feck me it's daein' ma nut in! An' Iv'e no even been drinking.

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