In case you don't know what Geocaching is, well you can find out here

Quick note:

Now im not going to reveal any caches, or put any at risk or ruin anything for anyone who plays the game. I may from time to time take photographs of my searches, but as I said without spoiling anything. I am not going to reveal any locations or usernames.

I want to find as many as I can within a year. Was going to aim at finding 100 but that might be easy so this figure may be increased.
 So why do I have Geocaching in my Blog if I cannot reveal anything?

Because there is more to the game than just looking for boxes. you will discover what I mean when you see me crossing rivers, covered in mud, or pulling my hair out from frustration.

I am also planning to hide my very own caches soon. I may even do a special, unnofficial one just for my Blog.

So I you Geocach don't worry, I wont ruin anything for you by revealing anything that you don't want to see.

See nothing has been revealed. I had the man flu when this picture was taken though.

Only found two this day. I was too man flued up to carry on.

Geocaching is great fun! Once you get started its just straight to the next one!

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