Art comes in so many different forms.

I enjoy painting quite a lot. However im a very fussy artist. For me to be able to paint I need to be in a place that I call "The Zone"

The zone is not a physical place, but a place that is a state of mind. Step one to reaching "The Zone"
I must be unhappy about something.
Step two; I must be nicely drunk (some whisky will do)
Step three; I need the right souroundings (The room im in HAS to be clean and tidy)
Step four; I cannot be disturbed,
Step five; I work better tired (but not too tired),
Step Six; I need the right music.

Because the Zone is a hard place to get into I dont often paint and when I do it can take me years to finnish something. A slight downfall.
I currently have three more paintings im working on at the moment so who knows, you may see them one day.

But as I said not all art is oil on canvas...

I am also trained in three martial arts! 
Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Tai. 
These I can do without being in The Zone!
So just to add a little bit more excitement to this part of my Blog, I decided to Blog about my training. I haven't trained in a while so ill get back into my martail arts and see where it goes!
Who knows, you may see me knocking myself out cold by smashing a brick on my head!

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