The Enigma Of Frunx

 In a small village in a place in that top part of the planet known as Scotland lives a Frunx.
nobodys ever really seen one, or even heard of one before, but they are real but extremely rare. Kinda' like a smart chicken.
FrunX (pronounced Frunks) is a mystery. It is an enigma, a flame. A name that I proudly place myself afore.
I have acquainted myself with Frunx for quite some time and yes there is a history, present and future like most things in excistence it has an individual substence of idea and being. Just like slapping melted cheese and pancakes on your face but better.

                                            "Hitting the seal on the head"
 Like a log book this blog will document the life of this particular Frunx, exploring wonders of the world on the other side of the door, like a curious deviant.
  Frunx has been to and seen some fantasic and sad things in this life. He has gone from jumping of one of the highest bridges in the world to wasting away to nothing. Like a flame at times they flicker when not happy. They burn bright when happy and die when there is nothing left to burn. Frunx is not just a name, its a flame.

One day having woken up and realising the year, a sudden moment of realisation hit the seal on the head.  Im heading towards 30. Fast!. Going to be 29 this year and looking back only prompts looking ahead. No more heavy weights around my feet, I can do whatever I want if not im sure going to try.
In the past I have been known as last minute man and this name reflects my life spot on. My greatest fear is realising its too late.
So to start with a change Im going to start with a chance. Every moment now touches a moment coming as does a moment past.  This is the enigma Frunx

Nore more stting still...

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