Friday, 1 March 2013

Lunar Observation 26th Febuary 2013

When I finnished work on Tuesday, I couldn't help but notice how incredible the Moon was in size, as it worked its way into the darkening night sky as it climbed the Heavens from the Eastern horizon. I rushed home and assembled my telescope. This is what I saw...

The Lunar Phase on Tuesday, 26 February 2013 was a Full Moon.
 The moon was in the zodiac sign Virgo The moon is in zodiac sign Virgo.



From Left to Right (Above): My 500mm Prime lens, 900mm refractor Telescope with X2 Barlow lens & Super 25 Wide Angle Long Eye Relief and my heavy 20X80 Field 3.5° multi coated binoculars with the Moon above.

 Mare Crisium (The Sea Of Crisis)
 Mare Crisium was named by Giovanni Riccioli, however it later adopted the name "Caspien Sea because it almost mirrors the same position on the Moon's face as in relation to the location of the Caspien Sea is found on Earth.
 555 km (345 mi) in diameter, and 176,000 km2 in area, Mare Crisium is just visible to the naked eye as a small dark spot. It also has some history too! This is the location where Lunar City from 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke was set, also it is the site of the crash-landing of the Soviet Luna 15 probe in 1969. Later, on 22 August 1976, the Soviet lunar mission; Luna 24 successfully managed to bring a soil sample from Mare Crisium back to Earth!
 Just a few more photos as it started to get really cold and my nipples were getting stiff...

Finally, the night wouldn't be complete without seeing our old friend, Jupiter.

It wasn't
 a very good photo I got as the temperature really started to drop, like the price of a Tesco ready meal and my camera was on very little battery so I just rushed this one. But looking through the eye piece, the four galilean moons were very visible along with Jupiters belt, which I couldn't capture in this photo above. Ach well, getting my nipples warmed up seemed like a good idea but what a good night. 

Removing my composed eye from the eye piece of my telescope, I raised my head to gaze up at this tiny, yet powerful dot in the dark blanket above. Moments ago it seemed like I was watching a distant God.

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