Monday, 25 February 2013

Traprain Law, Beach and some early Sun.

 It was a Febuary Sunday morning, The Sun was shining, it was unusually warm for the time of year and I had the weekend off! :D YUS!
Altogether it must have taken me around an hour and a half to decide where and what to do today, spending careful minutes skimming over maps untill I just said F**k it! Im just going out and I'll make my day up as I go along.

It worked beautifully...

After going to the Spar to fill Skye up with fuel, I made my first stop at Traprain law
 To my surprise, I was greeted my some curious faces, as were these Boxers.


 These friendly guys seemed to dominate the hill

 The view looking South West
 Somewhere in this direction is where Id be spending the last drop of Sun for the day
Bellow is looking South East.

 My compass seems to be a little off
 This very nice lady below seemed to be good friends with the ponies, feeding them, grooming, chatting away and even playing them songs with her flute.

 Aye well thats what ye get for pissing in the water!

 I thought these guys looked sweet
 It was soo hot today. Doesn't help that I walked up still wareing my thick jacket
 North Berwick Law. Was just there yesterday.

 Byres Hill and Hopetoun Monument, outside Haddington (above)
I will document a day out here in the summer

 Just ignore this guy...

 Stallone would be dissapointed

 Sitting looking East


 Once I jumped back out on the road with Skye, we decided to head out to Tynningham Beach where I bumped into these happy guys!
 The beach car park was very full so once I managed to park up and as I was sorting out my gear I heard someone call out my name. I couldn't believe it! It was two of my good firends, +David and +Katy! The timing of our run in was so hard to believe. They too had only just arrived at the same as myself. Oh aye and of course I musn't forget to mention Hurley, the other wee guy...

 Was funny this, I was just talking to David and Katy about Geocaching so when I took out my phone I discovered that we were almost standing, pretty much right on to of one.

 The wee man was loving it!

 Bass Rock:
 Heading back to the car park as it the day was getting on...

 So after parting my my friends I decided to head back out South towards Traprain Law
to a place called Balfour Monument:
 It's been years since I was here last. Came here with a few friends during the summer and ts always been a place where i've been meaning to return. And so I did...
 Balfour Monument with Traprain Law in the background.

 What a good way to end a perfect day with a view to an exceptional Sun set.

 I will head back out this way again in the Summer. Not done with exploreing out here yet.
The days this time of year dont last very long.

 Balfour Monument is located to the South West of Traprian Law. It was erected in memory of 
James Maitland Balfour (5 January 1820 – 23 February 1856), of Whittinghame, East Lothian, was a Scottish Member of Parliament. He was the father of Prime Minister Arthur Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour.

After spending the last of the Sun here I decided to set course for home. My wee village. If there is someone to thank for this day, cheers!

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